Investigating the nature and development of young children's problem solving...


The Child Development Lab, directed by Professor Krista Casler, investigates how children and adults use tools and other human-made objects. She is particularly interested in why we tend to get "fixed" on certain functions of objects and how this impacts problem solving.

Investigating how moral beliefs are acquired and how they change across time....
In the Developing Moral Values Lab, directed by Professor Josh Rottman, we conduct studies on how children learn new moral norms, on how moral concern for animals and objects changes across development, and on how individual differences in emotional sensitivity affects one's moral compass.
​Investigating the best situations in which infants and young children learn...


In the Early Social Cognition Lab, our research is conducted by primary investigator, Professor Lauren Howard, who studies social-cognitive development. Her current research involves the investigation of which kinds of situations infants and children learn most effectively. She is also interested in the behavior of toddlers, infant memory for screen media, and why children and infants have the particular ability to better remember events that include other people.


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